Noise Under Dreaming is a project born in 2006 from two musicians based in Milan, Italy.​ ​​They got spotted soon by Foolica Publishing, which in 2008 released with ​Foolica Electro​’ label their first album ​’​Tarokidei​’​. The release created a word of mouth that gave to the band the opportunity of playing live in Italy and abroad and of working more and more frequently on soundtracks. In 2010 Red Birds / Seahorse Recordings released the acoustic EP ​’​Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear​’​, that features acoustic versions of some ​’​Tarokidei​’​ tracks, an idea born during an acoustic show in Barcelona. In September 2011 a short movie with Noise Under Dreaming’s original soundtrack, “G: The Other Me”​​ by Michele Coggiola, was screened at the 68° Venice Film Festival.​ ​In 2012 Red Birds / Seahorse Recordings released their second LP, ​’​In Mine​’​. Meanwhile they kept on composing soundtracks. Among them, they worked with Gabriele Salvatores for ​’​Siberian Education​’​ in 2013.

Su “Lone”

Con i Noise Under Dreaming abbiamo sempre composto e prodotto a distanza, mai insieme nello stesso studio. Con Lone abbiamo voluto fare qualcosa di diverso e abbiamo deciso di lavorare “in presenza”, provando a scrivere un disco di canzoni.

Poi è arrivata la pandemia, fra chiusure e aperture, il processo creativo ha preso una strada tutta sua. Ci siamo trovati a volte insieme a lavorare sui brani, ma spesso siamo rimasti da soli, Lone.

Alcune canzoni sono rimaste canzoni, altre si sono destrutturate nel processo.

In passato abbiamo messo in musica la nostra visione della solitudine nella folla. Field indistinti, voci lontane, …

Ma ora la folla non c’è più. Tutto è più chiaro e definito, distinguibile. Chitarre, basso, synth, percussioni…. Niente più brusio di fondo. Anche la solitudine è rimasta da sola, Lone.

With Noise Under Dreaming we have always composed and produced remotely, never together in the same studio. With Lone we wanted to do something different and we decided to work “in person”, trying to write a record of songs.

Then came the pandemic, between closures and openings, the creative process took its own path. We sometimes found ourselves working on the songs together, but often we were alone, Lone.

Some songs have remained songs, others have deconstructed themselves in the process.

In the past we have set our vision of solitude in the crowd to music. Indistinct fields, distant voices, …

But now the crowd is gone. Everything is clearer and more defined, distinguishable. Guitars, bass, synths, percussion …. No more background noise. Loneliness is also left alone, Lone.

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