Bag Of Seeds: almost a debut

BAG OF SEEDS is an eight-track album by Lorenzo Bonarini out in November 2017. Each song is a different seed that sprouts away, from blues ballads to the country, grunge and folk. A journey through various styles held together by a personal vision and a sincere approach. The album was entirely self-produced by Lorenzo Bonarini in collaboration with Alberto Cagol aka Nevo, the Dozhens historical producer, the first hip hop crew in Padua and currently part of Bom Chilom Sound, a reggae dancehall sound renowned in italy. Bag Of Seeds was recorded almost completely in Lorenzo’s living room in March-June 2017. Dimitri Tormene plays trumpet in the folk/digital reggae Those Who and in the country ballad For Us, and Mattia Piovani plays drum in For Us. All other instruments, real or not, were put down by Lorenzo Bonarini. The album was mixed and mastered by Nevo.

Genesis of the album

«I wanted to make songs that sound like the music I grew up with. Bag Of Seeds is almost literally, what I want to give to the world. I put in it what I love, different styles that I have made my own in all these years. I’m very proud of the songs, but it’s first of all the journey made to accomplish the album that I’m proud of because I’ve learned a lot about recording and writing. Sometimes it was hard to do it all alone but it was worth it.»

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The album had to be a tribute to Leonard Cohen (who passed in November 2016) but things changed in the making. The second track Pinch Of Salt is a Cohenian ballad, and is what remains of this initial project. The writing took its own direction then and has evolved from itself, as when seeds germinate in unexpected plants. That process has made real a long-awaited opportunity, a natural outpouring for creativity and a way to do at the very best and without constraints all that was possible: lyrics, arrangements, instrument recording and real production. Everything was deliberately played in the same room, the living room, and also this element is a tribute to Cohen’s Songs From A Room.

Most of the recordings took place in a couple of weeks in March 2017. After discontent and rethinking, and after playing the songs at various venues (Bitter End, Prohibition, and other…) during a New York stay, online and available to everyone since november 2017.

Biographical note

Lorenzo Bonarini is a singer, song writer and guitarist born on ​​June 27th 1980. It was the day when the Dc-9 Itavia crashed into the sea near Ustica (a mediterrean island, sadly famous for this episode involving Libyan, Italian and French intelligence agencies). On the other side it was the day when Bob Marley played at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, his only time in Italy. He has written music for tv show, movies, documentary as well as for jazz ensamble and many other as rock, reggae, grunge, Hop Hop, reggae-dancehall. He studied jazz harmony and jazz guitar attending courses with great jazz guitar masters such as Bebo Ferra, Rory Stuart, Daniele Santimone and others.


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