DISCOGRAPHY  Seahorse Recordings:

Blessed Child  Opera  s/t   Seahorse 2000

Moopo”The Only word of my prayer” Seahorse 2004

Blessed Child Opera “Looking after the child” Seahorse 2004

Maisie “ Morte a 33 giri” Seahorse/Snowdonia 2005

Melomane “Glaciers” Vermillion/Seahorse 2006

EL-Ghor “Dada Danzè” Seahorse 2006

Goose “Tutto come allora”Seahorse 2006

Vivianne Viveur “The art of arranging flowers” Seahorse 2007

Fish of April “Violet Pharmacy” Seahorse 2007

Kiddycar “Forget About” Seahorse 2007

Stella Diana “Supporto Colore” Seahorse 2007

Deny “Sharing ghosts” Seahorse 2007

Anewdamage “BUSINESSMEN DIE GETTING BORED” Seahorse 2008

Tv Lumière “Per Amor dell’Oceano” Seahorse 2008

SO! “Stolen time” Seahorse 2008

Murnau”L’Angelo Memore” Seahorse 2008

Vivianne Viveur”Vert” Seahorse 2008

Maxpetrolio “Discussione in farmacia con
animali abili Seahorse” 2008

Drunken Butterfly “Maggio giardinaio” Seahorse 2008

Blessed Child Opera “Soldiers and faith” Seahorse 2008

Be-hive “Death to indie rock” Seahorse 2008

Unmade Bed “Loom” Seahorse 2009

El-Ghor ”Merci cucù” Seahorse 2009

Goose “30/40” Seahorse 2009

Colorblind “Under a Paper Moon”Seahorse/Phenix Records 2009

Nico Greco “The Parade of paper soldiers” Seahorse 2009

Jenny’s Joke “Jenny’s Joke “ Seahorse 2009

Abulico “Behind” Seahorse 2009

Entourage “Prisma” Seahorse 2010

The Gosh “Blow in a ball “ Seahorse 2010

Brilliant at Breakfast “Romi’s garden” 2010

Froben “Lo sguardo del pazzo” Seahorse 2010

Aedi “Aedi met heidi “Seahorse 2010

Nihil est “Nuvole notturne “ Seahorse 2010

Glitterball “We couldn’t have dreamed it” Seahorse 2011

Marlowe” FIUMEDINISI “ Seahorse 2011

Ananda ”Wardiares” Seahorse 2011

Nadiè “Questo giorno il prossimo anno” Seahorse 2011




Discography RED BIRDS REC:


Brown & Leaves “ Landscapes  “  Red Birds Rec 2010

Andrea Carboni “La terapia dei sogni” Red Birds Rec 2010

Happy Skeleton “Coffee & Cigarette Club” Red Birds Rec 2010

Music for 11 instruments “Business is a sentment” Red Birds Rec 2010

The Child of a Creek “ Find a shelter along the path”Red Birds Rec 2010

Clerville “Killing Polar Bears” Red Birds Rec 2010

Unmade Bed “Mornaite Muntide” Red Birds Rec 2011

Nico Greco “Blue like santa cruz” Red birds Rec 2011

Maxpetrolio “Telefoni Mortimer” Red Birds Rec 2011

Blessed Child Opera “Fifth” Red Birds Rec 2011

Laradura “Senza fine “Red Birds Rec” 2011

SenzaFissa Dimoira “ La tragedia del dolce” Red Birds Rec 2011

Noise Under Dreaming “Inmine “ Red Birds Rec 2011