f she could only remember my name
“If she could only remeber my name” is a ten tracks album that demanded some time to be completed. Despite his past as an electronic music producer and composer, clearly audible in his previous “The Thomas Sankara Cd” (under the stage name Gananain, published by Il Manifesto), and “Downtempo” (to his full name, Alfonso Anagni, published by Primrose/Flippermusic), Alfie wanted this album to sound real, mainly acoustic, with no extra textures added.
He also wanted some of his best friends to be a part of it, so scheduling busy musicians
like Pierpaolo Ranieri on double bass, Primiano Di Biase on Piano, Accordion and Organ, and Flavio Pasquetto on Pedal Steel, Dobro and the few electric guitars, Andrea Piccioni on percussion, was a hard job.
Not to mention danish talented multi instrumentalist Nikolai Banke, who took a break from his countless collaboration in Denmark and Cuba, and joined Alfie in his home studio in Rome, to lay his drum tracks down in a three days run.
The final mix was held by Matteo Spinazzè, another long time friend, whose skills at balancing sounds can be heard on Zu, Ardecore, Thurstone Moore, Tal Falco and many other’s albums.
The Mastering process took place in Ringwood, New Jersey, counting on Kim Rosen’s sensibility and awesome musical taste.
It was along run, in the end, but love demands some patience.
And this album is all about love, friendship, mutual consideration and respect.
The love for a woman Alfie tried to build a family with, who inspired most of the ten songs, as well as the love for his mother who’s lost in Alzheimer (thus the title of the album, despite being an hommage to David Crosby’s masterpiece “If I could only remember my name).
And finally the new found love for another woman, credited as “the ginger lady”.
Nobody was harmed in the making of this, there’s no room left for acrimony here.
Every person involved in this keep smiling to each other and help each other when it’s needed.
For what’s dealing with the love for music, well, tha’s right there, ready for he listener to enjoy or criticize.
Born and raised in Roma, Alfie (49) felt in love with music at the age of 5. He’s a self thought musician who eventually learned the art of recording and mixing. Slow at learning, he would repeat the same mistakes over and over, since he firmly believes that’s where his strenght is focused. Humble and shy to any conceivable limit, he had to be a little talented if Vittorio Cosma, arranger, composer and producer for zillions of italian and international artists decided to involve him in many of his projects and helped him to learn how to work in team.
Alfie loves to sit in the low frequency range, thus his love for electric and upright bass.
He has being producing, engineering and playing any sort of guitars, drums, piano and singing on several albums