As A Sky Of Fallen Planets
A journey between worlds, dimensions, concrete and unimaginable realities. A Sky witnessing millennia of philosophies, conspiracies, celestial pictures and manipulations. An eternal and infinite army of slaves, ranks upon ranks of strong but subjugated entities that look upward, destroy their bodies waiting for unconscious and inner frequencies to bounce through Mind, Spirit and Soul. As A Sky Of Fallen Planets is tinged with an atmosphere out of the concrete, the real … it embrace what is only a dimension of art, looking out towards those dark rooms, those caverns swallowed by darkness, filled and deteriorated by screams of desperation, revolution, of ultimate and fatal reaction, raised in solemn and celestial choirs that touch the think and pale minds of those who, most likely, created and maintain their contro lover those rotten and subtly vivifying spaces of imprisonment. Everything remains movementless, still in its own stillness, while the world and the host universes deform their conformation, admiring the deep change that simple vibrations and frequencies bring with them. A praise to the inner spirit, a warning for those who find themelves imprisoned by the will of divinities that come from outside, or that lodge in us, feeding on our lymph, our Energy, our enthusiasm … our ridde and dormant desire to be, someway, immortal. Through 14 chapters that pierce time and space, relity is filtered into a narrative that prostrates its existence to the pure art of nourishing oneself, of feeling the strings of one’s inner self respond to the pressures and tortures to which one is subjected, embraced by a cynical, decomposed, illusory and cold rethoric. A see of industrial and electronic sounds is ready to paint all of this; tears, drops, fragments of post punk, post rock and spiritual ambient are going to ride notes and tunes in a Pure Underground production that remains outside the concept of music, just hanging between art and the most beautiful vision on imperfect concreteness, in a mixture of instruments and styles that keep their roots in the loved and powerful past of experiments and leaps of faith, looking towards a different and not planned future. Every sound is related to a meaning, every meaning to a vibration, where good and evil are on the same side. Not everything that shines and blooms is capable of giving pure life, not everything thet represents the end, the ultimate impact, is truly capable of setting a definitive point.
It is up to u sto decide which way to look, towards which sky, internal or external it is, to entrust our words, prayers, works … in the darkness of our soul, bodyless … looking for our truth

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Faceless Night Lines is the avantgarde / ambient project of a young composer from the South of Italy. His debut album “As a Sky of Fallen Planets” was just released on June 03rd by Seahorse Recordings. Here’s the video for the song “Chapter A-7”.
You can listen to the work in full on Bandcamp:
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